The Course Ahead

Emerson by John Cox
Philosophy analyzes the core questions of what it means to be human. Unfortunately, the responses returned are often more difficult to understand than the questions themselves. In this course, we will use literature to chase answers to some of the "BIG" questions that have been remained elusive for millennia. The hope is that literature will prove to be more fruitful as literature tends to assume our "unhandsome condition" as the starting point for human inquiry.

Temporary Stays

What are some of the vital questions, into which, we may catch fleeting glimpses of insight through literature:
  • "Is there a purpose somehow lurking out there?"
  • "Do you have to be evil to get ahead in this world?"
  • "Is justice a childish outdated myth?"
  • "Why is suffering woven into the fabric of our existence?"
  • "Who am I?"
  • "Will I or some part of me survive my death?"