Module 8

In this module, you will select a local company from the New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility (NHBSR) and assess the efficacy of that same company's CSR program. On this page, you will find detailed instructions concerning how to complete an audit for a selected company.

Step 1: The NHBSR

To begin, please go to the NHBSR site:

new Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility
Please feel free to peruse the About NHBSR to learn more about the organization. You can use the Our Members menu option to search the participating companies.

NHBSR Members area

Step 2: Select a Company

Browse through the list of companies and select a company with a stated environmental focus. HINT: prior to committing to a specific company, go beyond the content offered through NHBSR. Use the given links and your keen research skills to research the company's website, press media, and related coverage. To be successful, you will have to have access to pubslished data. The ideal candidate for a company will have a sustainability or CSR report. You may also unearth specific program related data. But if there is no data to analyze, please find another company!

Step 3: The Executive Summary & Audit Criteria

After identifying a company, please open up the provided audit template. You will need to research your company sufficiently to offer a succinct company background and context concerning the company's CSR program. For your convenience here is the verbiage offered within the template:

Examples from Previous Audits:

Step 4: Audit Findings

In this section, you will do the "heavy lifting" and explain how you applied your audit criteria. By the time you finish this section, the scores and the reasoning should be made obvious.

Examples from Previous Audits:

Step 5: Audit Recommendations

In this section, you will add value to your research by not only pointing out problems but by recommending methods of improvement. By the time you finish this section, exactly how a company might improve their CSR efforts should be concrete and measurable!


Examples from Previous Audits:


Goal Gauge

Goal Gauge